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I like to see myself as someone who is always searching and expanding. I watch my little one, Rowan, grow dramatically on a daily basis and it inspires me to do the same. I find that when I am living my life passionately and am listening to my inner voice that I am energized and strong. I am the mother of a vivacious little boy who is wide open to the world. We spend our days outside planting, digging, exploring, and running, running, running. Becoming a mother has changed my life in incredible ways. I see the world differently now. I notice all the quiet details and the miracles of life. I am passionate about music and have been able to weave this into my personal life as well as my career. When Rowan was born I wanted to find a way to be home with him as much as possible. I had been teaching Spanish and Music to babies up through elementary aged children for over five years and loved my work. Having a child pushed me to continue this by starting my own business. Last fall I started Songbirds Music and Movement. I now hold classes for young children in my home. It is a wonderful way to continue doing what I love while having my child by my side. The singer/songwriter in me is still there and is creeping out once again. Songwriting is something that I love to do with my husband. It is a beautiful way to bring our perspectives on life and spirituality together in a creative form.

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