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My Pumpkin’s in the Patch

It’s big and orange and round

I hope it’s not to heavy

I drop it to the ground


This is a song sung in a minor key that is so much fun to act out. We look around for the perfect pumpkin and then pretend to struggle as we lift it up. It’s fun to drop our imaginary pumpkin and make a big splat sound. It could also just be spoken like a poem.


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precious moments

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Blast Off!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!

Up like a rocket

Down like the rain

Chugging along like a choo choo train

Twirling and whirling like a spinning top

Now fall to the floor with a gentle PLOP!

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what better way to celebrate fall than dancing with friends to live music.  it is a blessing to be in an area where music is cherished and supported.

these past weeks i’ve enjoyed listening to rowan hum his own little tunes around the house as he plays with his blocks or stirs up the veggies in his pot.  we’ve been admiring the moon and stars in the night sky and singing the classic “twinkle twinkle” at bedtime.  mark and i melted as we listened to him sing “tinkle, tinkle, litla sta” as he sat at his table making shapes with his playdough last night before bed.

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