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Bagpipes, old time music, dogs with goggles, fire trucks, jeeps, children dressed up like smores…it all sounds so sweet. Unfortunately my sweet pea found the whole experience to be big, scary, loud, and unfamiliar. He had no idea that his 4th of July would turn out to be so very traumatic. We hiked in and found the perfect spot at the start of the parade and waited for the festivities to begin. A cop car led the parade by beeping its siren and the tears began to flow. Rowan’s love for big trucks and animals was lost in a sea of big, loud sounds. His world had been turned upside down. I couldn’t seem to hold him close enough and couldn’t draw his attention over to the sweet little puppy dogs and camp kids. No one had told him this was coming and he wanted to be far, far away. I managed to find a spot to sit on the ground with him and had him face away from the parade. He eventually did calm down and turned his head to see the last remnants of the towns people marching through the streets.

I have to remind myself that Rowan’s world is so wide open. So many things in his day he is seeing or experiencing for the first time. His reaction at the parade took me by surprise, but reflecting on it now it makes so much sense. Imagine that you are having a quiet morning with the family when suddenly a bunch of giants start stomping through town. I’d be crying too.


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