okay, i must admit that i am not much of a blogger.  i can’t believe i haven’t posted anything since october!  it has been a wonderful winter filled with warm fires, yummy baking, guitar playing, singing, and lots of play.  in the midst of all of this, my belly has been growing.  we have a baby on the way come late march/early april.  this is why i’ll be taking a break from Songbirds until Fall 2210.  stay tuned for new classes and fresh ideas!


Fall is here!

pumpkin hand

My pumpkin’s in the patch

It’s big and orange and round

I hope it’s not too heavy

I drop it to the ground


the ferryboat is coming!!!!  waves crashing, fog horn sounding, seagulls calling, cousins laughing, fireworks booming, shells clanking, memories forming…

the ferryboat is coming

Spring is here!

rowan and chickWe recently adopted three chicks and are enjoying imitating their sweet mannerisms such as pecking, peeping, waddling, and flying to the song “Run, Run!” by Octavio Pinto.  There are so many wonderful movement activities to do with children in Spring.  I love using scarves to explore a seed’s journey from the dark cold earth into a beautiful flower, or a caterpillar spinning a cacoon and transforming into a colorful butterfly.   Classical music is a wonderful resource to accompany movement.  I enjoy bringing out Antonio Vivaldi’s Spring concerto from The Four Seasons and act out the many forms of the season with my children.  On the main chorus of the song we imagine we are on a walk in the woods enjoying all the signs of spring.  As the verses come we fly like birds, move like a stream, blow like a storm, shine like the sun, and grow like a flower.  Sometimes I have the children draw out the parts of the song according to what they imagine to be happening.  Happy Spring!

snow is falling

snow!The beautiful snowy days we had last week inspired all sorts of wintry songs in our home.  Our favorite lately is a Japanese school song called “Kon Kon”.  In music class we bring out the big scarf and hold the ends.  I put white feathers inside and we bounce them up and down and watch them fall.

Snow is falling kon, kon,

Snow is falling kon, kon,

Falling, falling, kon, kon, kon.

Yuki ya, kon, kon,

Yuki ya, kon, kon,

Futewa, futewa, kon, kon,  kon.

a duo

duoMy husband and I recently played a few songs at an evening event at Mina’s Beana’s in Siler City. It was well past Rowan’s bedtime and he was wanting to be close to his mama. Teary eyed, I took him in my arms and sat him in between me and my guitar. He immediately calmed down and layed his head on my chest. He stayed that way the entire time we played. It reminded me of the days when I was pregnant and playing shows with a four piece band. I remember thinking about how amazing it was that my baby was experiencing the songs while in utero. I imagine that feeling the vibration of my guitar and my voice brought him great comfort that night. There on my lap with guitar and all, he and I were perfectly content.

My Pumpkin’s in the Patch

It’s big and orange and round

I hope it’s not to heavy

I drop it to the ground


This is a song sung in a minor key that is so much fun to act out. We look around for the perfect pumpkin and then pretend to struggle as we lift it up. It’s fun to drop our imaginary pumpkin and make a big splat sound. It could also just be spoken like a poem.